Saturn (Family)

    Saturn Family (Historic Spacecraft)
    Saturn Family (Historic Spacecraft)

    The Saturn Rocket Family was a group of American Launch Vehicles designed to launch heavy payloads to Low Earth Orbit and to the Moon. The Saturn LV’s were an important part of the Apollo Program. There were three versions designed and flown, the Saturn I, Saturn IB and Saturn V.

    VehicleFirst LaunchLast LaunchFlightsStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Gross Wt (t)Propellant Wt (t)Length (m)Diameter (m)
    Saturn I10/27/19613/28/19635 (4 SO)S-IS-IV49334949.76.52
    Saturn IB1/22/19687/15/19759S-IBS-IVBApollo CSM589.74521.7968.096.62
    Saturn V Apollo11/9/196712/7/197212S-ICS-IIS-IVBApollo CSM2928.532715.85110.7110.06
    Saturn V Skylab5/14/19735/14/19731S-ICS-IIS-IVBSkylab2857.152588.85101.6410.06

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